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Upvoting on coin listing websites

Just recently we had a request from one of our customers. They listed their token on many coin listing websites and needed someone who can attract real organic users and get them vote. Their community was created just a few weeks ago and it did not have too much members for that moment. So they were not able to ask them to vote and get great results. Neither, could they use bots because those coin listing websites can trace the bot traffic and ban such projects from their listings. Our Webmargaritas team decided to help our customers by using our own Task Exchange. Right now, we have about 7k unique members there and they look forward for us to give them some new tasks. They are real people. Moreover, many of them are crypto-related. So we just asked them all to vote! We rewarded all of them, they voted and now we have from 2k to 7k votes on each website which our customer requested.

We got 5832 votes on Plus, we figured out that we have a new, helpful tool for new projects which need to increase their reputation and attract more customers. Below, you can see the screens of all coin listing websites where we brought votes for our customer. We are quite sure that there are much more of such platforms and we will certainly be able to help with the votes on each of them!

1954 votes on

2018 votes on

3028 votes on The last will have 7000 votes soon, as this is the amount our customers wanted us to bring for them. Do you know maybe any other coin listing websites? Send us the list to or contact us in Telegram:



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