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Tips for buying an advertisement from Telegram channel's owners

Before purchasing an ad from a Telegram channel, you should take due-diligence steps to ensure your budget is not wasted.

1) Subscribe to the channel and watch it for a few days.

If you see that Telegram Ads are being placed in this channel (like it is shown on the screenshot) then Telegram considers that there are low amount of bots (or nothing at all) and most of the subscribers are real people. Thus, this channel can be trusted

No one knows the real proportion of bots/real people beside the channel owner and Telegram algorithms.

So if Telegram trusts this channel and shows its own ads in it, then you can also trust it and buy advertisement or do collaborations with this channel

2) Verify that the channel appears on the search box results.

Enter the channel link in the search box. A good trusted channel will appear in the search results. Also, be aware of impostors. There will be a lot of similar channels. Make sure that channel ID in the search field and the one in the search results 100% match.

If the channel does not appear in the search results, this may indicate that Telegram noticed some violations or excessive bot traffic for this channel and deleted it from search results.

So be cautious while working with such channels and use all analytic tools to make sure the channel's audience is legit.

3) Check the channel for abnormal growth and permanent decrease of subscribers.

You need to watch the channel's growth history. Use WebMargaritas Telegram Channels Analytics for that. If the channel had some big growth at some hours or days, the channel owner should give you some explanation and proof that growth had not been bot traffic.

A trustworthy owners always keep records on all ads they bought for their channel. If the channel has abnormal growth at some point and then permanent decrease of subscribers and the owner can not adequately explain this growth origins, it indicates the bot traffic.

4) Look at the effectiveness of advertising on the channel based on past advertising placements.

If the channel placed any ads before, you can see how effective it was by using the WebMargaritas Telegram Channels Analytics. You will see how users subscribed to the advertised channel and the dates.

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