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How to open Telegram Ads cabinet without depositing €2,000,000?

Since 2021, Telegram has added an official advertising tool that allows you to show native short ads in channels. These adds look like this ( the screenshot is taken from Binance official Telegram channel):

Ads are maximally adjusted to the content of the channel and do not irritate the user. It can be embedded into any channels which have more than 1000 subscribers (even to competitors' channels) Problem with a huge advance payment of €2,000,000 In order to create a Telegram Ads cabinet you needed to depost 2 mill of euro to launch ads. This is written in Terms of Service section on

Not every advestiser can afford to spend that much of budget. But WebMargaritas can do it for you! No need for million euro budgets anymore Webmargaritas token promotion agency has created a Telegram ads cabinet and deposited 2 mil euro using its own funds + investors' Now we can easily launch ads for our customers. The minimum advertising budget is 3,000 euros for the promotion of one channel. The amount of the next replenishment must also be at least 3,000 euros

What can the Telegram Ads cabinet do?

How does the cabinet look like?

Do you have any questions about Telegram Ads?

If yes, please contact us: Telegram - E-mail -

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