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Telegram Shill by Single Messages

  • 1 hour
  • $200 per 1k of msgs
  • Telegram

Service Description

We cataloged the largest Telegram crypto groups and split them by categories( Blockchain, Launchpads, Defi, NFT, Metaverses, Games and etc.). So we can easily find and select relevant chats where we can shill your project. All groups in the catalogue are also divided by the level of activity in the chat. Also, we marked all the groups with bots automatically deleting links. So those groups are not getting in our selection for shilling in Telegram. Here is the algorithm of Shilling in Telegram by Single Messages: 1) We select about 30—50 Telegram groups from our catalogue which are relevant for your project. Only those without links deleting bots are getting in our selection. 2) Then we split them based on their activity level. - If the chat is very active and messages appearing there every minute, then we mark that chat as High Activity Level chat. - If the chat is moderately active and the messages appearing there every 10 or 20 minutes, then we mark that chat as Medium Activity Level chat. - If the chat is poorly active but not dead, we mark that chat as Low Activity Level Chat. 3) We select intervals between sending shill messages. The best timing will be: - 1 hour for High Activity Level chats - 3 hours for Medium Activity Level chat - 6 hours for Low Activity Level Chat 4) We create 10—15 shill messages. Some messages are short, organic and have only text + links. Others may include pictures or even videos and have detailed information about your project. In these messages, we show advantages of your project, results which are already achieved and highlight bonuses and rewards you project offering to its users. Last section of shilling messages has some "calls to action". 5) We launch our Telegram shilling service and send shill messages 24/7 with set up intervals and take screenshots of each sent shill message. They are uploaded into Google Drive spreadsheet each 2—3 days so you can easily check how we are performing shilling in telegram. Note that we update our shill messages after each thousand of them is sent to make shilling in telegram more effective.

Contact Details

CEO of Webmargaritas telegram ID - @webmargaritas_alex, Kíev, Ukraine

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