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Telegram Direct Messages

  • 1 hour
  • $100 per 1k of msgs
  • Telegram

Service Description

1) We use the same scraper software as we use in Telegram Chat Invites to get users from the targeted Telegram groups. You also can make your own selection of Telegram groups which we will scrape. The scraper will also get only the active users who wrote at least one message into the chat-room and delete bots. 2) Once scrapping is done, we start sending out the Telegram Direct Messages to the scrapped users. The message may contain picture or video + promo text + links to your Telegram group/channel, twitter, website and any other medias. The best results are achieved when the message has link to your Telegram group. Because in this case, the users do not need to leave the messenger to check your project. If the message has a media file( picture or video) then your message length will be limited to 1024 symbols. In case it does not have any media files, your message will be limited to 4096 symbols. You can also provide your own worked-out message or we will create it for you. It is possible to brand our Telegram accounts which we will be using for sending Telegram Direct Messages with your project logo name and bio( description). Or we can use random people’ photos and names. Let us know which way is better for you. The current maximum speed of sending Telegram Direct Messages is 3k msgs per day. Note that message will be forwarded. That gives us a possibility to check the amount of views. We will also make screenshots of each sent message and upload them to Google Drive spreadsheet so you will be able to check them anytime. Telegram Direct Messages is one of the best solutions for bringing users to your Telegram group.

Contact Details

CEO of Webmargaritas telegram ID - @webmargaritas_alex, Kíev, Ukraine

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