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Telegram Chat Invites

  • 1 h
  • $70 per 1k of users
  • Telegram

Service Description

1) Our scraper gets usernames from similar projects’ Telegram groups. You can make your own selection of Telegram groups for scrapping based on your preferences. The scrapper gets only active and real ones by selecting those users which wrote at least one message to the chat-room. This is the best way to filter out bots and inactive accounts. 2) Once the scrapping process is completed, we invite those usernames to your Telegram group. The current maximum speed of inviting is 150 users per day. It is not possible to do it faster because your group might get an Inviting Block (restriction for further inviting). Note that Telegram Chat Invites can only be done for Telegram groups and it is not possible to invite large amount of users to your Telegram channel Maximum possible inviting number for group-200,000/ for channel -200. Also note that before starting to invite the real targeted users to your Telegram Group, it must have at least 500 members in it. And those first 500 users should join themselves and not be invited. Before that the inviting is not recommended because your group is new and have low-level reputation in the Telegram system. If you do not have such amount of users in your group at the moment, we can get motivated users aboard for you. They are real but not interested in crypto. These users will join your group for small rewards. It will cost only $20 per 500 motivated users but will greatly increase your Telegram group’s reputation in the Telegram system. Before starting Telegram Chat Invites, it is recommended to have at least 1 bot in your group which will be deleting service messages like "user joined" or "user added user". We will send you the links for such bots and guide your on how to install it.

Contact Details

CEO of Webmargaritas telegram ID - @webmargaritas_alex, Kíev, Ukraine

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