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Shilling in Twitter

  • 1 h
  • $1 per comment
  • Twitter

Service Description

Twitter is one of the most popular media for crypto adepts. All big projects have communities here and there are a lot of influencers that affect the crypto-market. After reading an interesting post or tweet, eighty 80% of users go and check the comment section. 20% of them actively participate in debates and leave their own comments. That is why this is one of the best places for shilling crypto. Social media like Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook have lots of communities and crypto influencers which gives us the opportunity for promoting any crypto coin. We cataloged all crypto projects which have communities in those media and split them into categories(Blockchain, NFT, Defi, Crypto Games and etc.). Also, we have a list of the most popular crypto influencers. To shill your crypto project, we will do the following: 1) We will select relevant communities and influencers for your token promotion or ICO promotion. 2) Then, we will find the hottest tweets, discord servers, Facebook and Instagram posts of those communities and influencers and organically shill your project in the comment sections(or in the chat room if you choose Discord). The comments will underline the most striking features of your project, and describe the advantages which users will get if they join your communities. And of course, the links to your communities will be applied to the comments. All the comments will be sent from different accounts and each comment will be screenshotted. We will upload all the screenshots to the Google Drive spreadsheet so you can easily check them. The recommended frequency of sending comments is 10—20 comments per day in each media. Shilling is one of the best solutions for the promotion of coins

Contact Details

CEO of Webmargaritas telegram ID - @webmargaritas_alex, Kíev, Ukraine

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