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Shilling in Discord

  • 1 hour
  • $250 per 1k of msgs
  • Discord

Service Description

We have a catalog of the most popular Discord servers devoted to different crypto-categories: Blockchains, DeFi, NFT, Metaverses, Crypto-Games and etc. This makes it easy for us to find relevant servers where we can shill your project. We also marked all servers which have bots for deleting messages with links. So that we just don't use those groups. The algorithm of Shilling in Discord: 1) Select relevant Discord servers (and chats in those servers) for your project and filter out the servers with bots for automatic link deleting. 2) Defining the activity level of each server and intervals between sending of messages. - if the server is highly active, we will send messages there each hour - if the server is medium active, we will send messages there every 3 hours - if the server is not really active, we will send messages there every 6–12 hours - if the server is dead, we will not send in it. 3) After that, we will compose 6–10 shilling messages or use the ones provided by you. We can make them organic with just short text and links. Or we can make it aggressive and put pictures, videos, big text, and links to all your social media. Inside of these messages, we highlight all your project advantages and incentives by which you want to attract new users. Also we use some calls to action. 4) Once everything is ready, we launch Shilling in Discord and send messages to those selected servers 24/7 without any interruption. For each server, we use a specific interval, selected earlier. After some time, we update the messages to make them more effective. We take screenshot of each shilling message and upload it to Google Drive table every 2–3 days. You will get the link and will be able to check that the work is properly done.

Contact Details

CEO of Webmargaritas telegram ID - @webmargaritas_alex, Kíev, Ukraine

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